The Global Henry

World Explorer, Author, Airline Captain, and Speaker

"Simplicity of life: traveling has taught me how simple life can be"

-Henry Biernacki

Simplicity of life

I write for the people with whom I am able to meet while I am on the road. I write in fiction so that I am not the focal point of any novel, article or piece I do. I want the focus to be on the people and places about which I am writing. Flying…read more

The Steppe

Written by Henry Biernacki Edited by Henry Biernacki and Steve Schneickert Illustrated by Craig S Engen Cover Art by Alex Casteneda Through this timeless novel, Henry Biernacki carves images of the steppe (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan), an area often overlooked by travelers. Once Emperio changed his habitual routine, in Paris, of importing art, for one…read more

No More Heroes

Written by Henry Biernacki Illustrated by Rex Jeng Huan Liu & Janet Chen-Yi Chang No More Heroes is a visit through friendships and life with the background set in San Francisco and Nepal. Take a journey from San Francisco onto Nepal with this unique piece of story telling combined with wondrous characters. It is told…read more